Cushion Backing


For corrugated Postprint

Special cores available

INNOVABAK 2.35 with Mylar – produced on larger 6″cores (152mm) for better flatness.

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Fast, safe & easy

Small to mid sized quantities of our cushion foam or plate mounting tapes can be shipped within 24h through global network of forwarders.

Our best seller

INNOVALUX 1.25 with Mylar – the black nonwoven finishing improves positioning and stability for both repro houses and press operator.

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Cushion Backing – our products


The classic backing for Flexo Postprint.

If you are looking to improve your print image and reduce washboard effect, INNOVABAK will cover your needs and fits with all traditional plate thicknesses.

#1 – Unsupported INNOVABAK

If you laminate in house with your own equipment this is the right choice for back-ups from 1.1mm to 2.6mm.

#2 – Supported INNOVABAK

If you prefer to get the backing ready to use then we will be happy toadd the Mylar film for you. You can choose between a wide range of Mylar film thicknesses and sizes.
INNOVABAK roll open


Next level postprint from 1.1mm to 2.0mm

INNOVALUX comes in the standard specifications from 1.1mm to 2.0mm thickness. Both supported and unsupported versions are available. Use our selection tool → to find out the backing of your choice.

INNOVALUX cushion backing delivers the highest expectations

For corrugated printers with needs to reach the highest level of qulity and consistency INNOVA brought new innovative cushion to the market. INNOVALUX cushion foam with its unique nonwoven surface helps to make mounting quicker and easier for the repro houses and also adds this little extra stability to the whole backing construction.

Custom labelled

Each INNOVALUX roll get labelled with the according parameters to make it easy to identify. We try to pack the roll as safe as possible.

New sizes and dimensions

There is almost no limitation for us in terms of width and length combinations. For example a roll of INNOVALUX 1.7 with Mylar produced in 836mm for small format machines like Bobst FFG 8.2.

Performance for corrugated box printing at highest level

Electronics, bikes, fruits or beverage – more and more products get shipped around the globe. All of them deserve a great packaging that protects. When you use state of the art corrugated machines you want to ensure best performance and great print. INNOVALUX cushion backing gives you and your repro houses the best possible performance in terms of backing materials on the market today.

Developed to make your process safe and fast.

Product selection


1.25mm (INNOVALUX)

1.35mm (INNOVALUX)






2.35mm (INNOVABAK)




more available on request

up to 1380mm (INNOVALUX)

up to 1350mm (INNOVABAK)

up to 1500mm (INNOVABAK on request)








more on request

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