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Cushion mounting material – Flexo foams and tapes from INNOVA.


Flexo Plate Cushion Mounting Tapes for flexible packaging and Cushion foams as backing material for Corrugated Postprint in flexographic printing operations. We support packaging productions worldwide with our printing consumables. Whether you print on labels, film or corrugated boxes – INNOVA has the right cushion foam materials for any press in flexo.

Cushion mounting tapes for all kinds of print jobs

Works with all kinds of print sleeves and cylinders, photopolymer plates or substrates

Cut to size

Get plate mounting tapes sitted according to your print sizes. Save money and mounting time.

We slit and pack any width from 10mm to 1370mm. Our slitter uses Teflon-coated knifes with presision setting of +/-0.1mm.

Fast, safe & easy

small to mid sized quantities of our cushion foam or plate mounting tapes can be shipped within 24h through global network of forwarders

Who we are

INNOVA Flexo Products GmbH was founded in Germany in 2020 by Mario Busshoff and Florian von Heesen. The technical expertise in flexographic printing and the related processes of pre-press and converting is the main asset driving our company.


2014 – INNOVA Flexo Products S.L.

Mario Busshoff and his business partner Oriol Roses established the first Innova entity in Barcelona. Offering Apex Anilox cylinders, mobile anilox cleaning services and other integrated Flexo solutions that provide customers a better process control. In 2015 INNOVA S.L. started to sell plate mounting tapes worldwide.


2017 – Printnext

Florian von Heesen established his company Printnext as a supplier of cushion foams as backing material for INNOVA S.L. and tradeshops in Europe. Given the experience in plate mounting tapes for flexo from his earlier carreer at Lohmann and Scapa, Florian von Heesen and Mario Busshoff decided to bring the two business pillars under one roof – INNOVA Flexo Products GmbH.


Way forward

Our top business priority is reliability. In other words: Be there for our customers and support their activities. React fast and anticipate demands with a clear focus on flexographic printing.

Our Mission

“Our customers do not yet know what is possible – we do”. A famous quote from Steve Jobs.

At INNOVA we think like that – with the aim of constantly showing customers new possibilities and changing the perspective. We focus on lean processes, flexibility and sustainability.


Keeping things simple.

Our partners and raw material suppliers support our activities with their special solutions and trust in mutual success.

Plate mounting - our products

0.55mm products range for flexible packaging
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INMOUNT 69 / 69H is your choice for jobs with:

  • 0-20% ink coverage
  • uncoated paper substrates
  • hard photopolymer plates
  • high lights/tones

INMOUNT 70  / 70H is your choice for jobs with:

  • 20-60% ink coverage
  • coated paper and film substrates
  • hard and medium photopolymer plates

INMOUNT 71 / 71H is your choice for jobs with:

  • 30-70% ink coverage
  • all kinds of film substrates
  • medium photopolymer plates

(basically for anything if you aren’t sure yet)


INMOUNT 72 / 72H is your choice for jobs with:

  • 50-90% ink coverage
  • film substrates
  • hard photopolymer plates
  • letters and lines

INMOUNT 73 / 73H is your choice for jobs with:

  • 90-100% ink coverage
  • film substrates
  • hard plates
  • solid print areas

Making sure your tape works #1


Cleaning flexo plates and flexo sleeves is part of your daily routine? – Perfect!

Just make sure you let the cleaning liquid dry out for 5 Minutes before you mount anything to the cushion tape. Or even better – clean the sleeves right after demounting. That way solvents have a chance to evaporate from all those tiny scratches.

Making sure your tape works #2


You got a good feeling for mounting? – Great!

Adhesive nerds always say “no pressure no bonding”. The harder and consistent you press the tape on the sleeve, the less chance it will have from detaching during press run or lifting off the sleeve when you try to re-use the tape.

Automatic pressure rollers can do the job for you – otherwise simple rubber blades are a good option.

Making sure your tape works #3


Trying out another mounting tape sounds like trouble?

When it comes to the performance of our mounting tapes we focus clearly on the print result and easy handling.

Making sure it prints well is one thing, but getting used to different bonding characteristics, smell or even the new feel to it – is another. We want mounting teams to be happy using our tape. So we listen.

So far we haven’t seen a plate mounting tape being so easy to use that it did not come with technical instructions. But as soon as those instructions become standard process, it works.

Can I use just one cushion tape with one hardness?

Yes – Some flexo printing plates allow surface patterning or surface screening. This way the plate carries more ink in the solid areas.

Using surface screening technology for flexo plates enables many printers to only work with one flexo plate mounting tape only. In our case the INMOUNT 70/70H is the perfect match. The hardness of the cushion foam will support consistent tone values in the high lights and at the same time sufficient ink transferred in the solid areas with no pinholes.

What is the most common flexo mounting tape?

Our INMOUNT 70 and 71 are the most wanted tapes in the portfolio. For label printers it is the INMOUNT 41. They all cover a wide range of print demands and can be used like “allrounders”.

What are the typical sizes?

457mm is the most common size. But we have log rolls in 1370mm and can slit down to any size needed. The less cut-off waste the better. For example: 685mm or any other size that fits into 1370mm total.

Can I have a custom slit size for my flexo mounting tape?

– Absolutely. Just the price may change according to the cut-off waste being leftover. But we will help you find a solution to minimize that waste.

Cushion backing - our products

for corrugated Postprint


The classic backing for Flexo Postprint.

If you are looking to improve your print image and reduce washboard effect, INNOVABAK will cover your needs and fits with all traditional plate thicknesses.

Try our INNOVA selection tool to choose the right foam and plate combination.

INNOVABAK roll open

#1 – Unsupported INNOVABAK

If you laminate in house with your own equipment this is the right choice for back-ups from 1.1mm to 2.6mm.

INNOVABAK datasheet

#2 – Supported INNOVABAK

If you prefer to get the backing ready to use then we will be happy toadd the Mylar film for you. You can choose between a wide range of Mylar film thicknesses and sizes.

cushion backing selection


1.25mm (INNOVALUX)

1.35mm (INNOVALUX)






2.35mm (INNOVABAK)




more available on request

up to 1380mm (INNOVALUX)

up to 1350mm (INNOVABAK)

up to 1500mm (INNOVABAK on request)








more on request

Next level postprint

INNOVALUX cushion backing delivers the highest expectations

For corrugated printers with needs to reach the highest level of qulity and consistency INNOVA brought new innovative cushion to the market. INNOVALUX cushion foam with its unique nonwoven surface helps to make mounting quicker and easier for the media agency and also adds this little extra stability to the whole backing construction.

From 1.1mm to 2.0mm

INNOVALUX comes in the standard specifications from 1.1mm to 2.0mm thickness. Both supported and unsupported versions are available. Use our selection tool to find out the backing of your choice.

INNOVALUX cushion backing
corrugated box printing


for corrugated box printing at highest level

Electronics, bikes, fruits or beverage – more and more products get shipped around the globe. All of them deserve a great packaging that protects. When you use state of the art corrugated machines you want to ensure best performance and great print. INNOVALUX cushion backing gives you and your media agency the best possible performance in terms of backing materials on the market today.

Developed to make your process safe and fast.

Special cores available

INNOVABAK 2.35 with Mylar – produced on larger 6″cores (152mm) for better flatness

Our best seller

INNOVALUX 1.25 with Mylar – the black nonwoven finishing improves positioning and stability for both media agency and press operator

Custom labelled

Some INNOVALUX roll boxes waiting to be filled for delivery. Each roll get labelled with the according parameters to make it easy to identify. We try to pack the roll as safe as possible.

New sizes and dimensions

This is a roll of INNOVALUX 1.7 with Mylar produced in 836mm for small format machines like Bobst FFG 8.2. There is almost no limitation for us in terms of width and length combinations.

Cushion mounting material – Flexo foams and tapes


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